Alexandra Hofer | Suderschmuck
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Titel: Suderschmuck

Material: Sterling Silver/ Glass(chandelier crystals)

Austria is well-known for „Sudern“, especially in the Viennese attitude it manifests its meaning. The „Wienerart“ can be interpreted as a typical form of human behavior to get along with problems. „Sudern“, therefore, describes the constantly moaning about how bad things are and a strategy of distancing from unpleasant issues. Austrians tend to glorify „Sudern“, as it is shown as charismatic in the famous „Mundl“ series.

„Sudern“ can be seen as a 1st world phenomenon. Moreover, the chandelier crystals symbolize the wealth of the Austrians. Being grumpy is mostly accompanied with a certain kind of body language. In case of the Suderchrystalbrace you can feel the emotional impact when your mouth angles get pulled down from the weight of the “gems”.

Mouthpiece / Necklace